DeLauro comments on school lunch ground beef recall

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, whose district includes part of Shelton, is raising questions about a company that produces meat for school lunchrooms. The beef product is being recalled by the federal government.

The government has announced the recall of 58,000 pounds of ground beef from the California-based Central Valley Meat Co.

The meat was destined for meals distributed in school lunchrooms in other parts of the country under the National School Lunch Program, and may have contained pieces of plastic, according to press reports.

Last year, according to a press release from DeLauro’s office, the same company had its operations suspended by the U.S. Agriculture Department for humane handling violations.

Wants independent food safety agency

“Allowing facilities to get away with repeat violations of the law is unacceptable, let alone allowing those same rule-breakers to supply the school lunch program, “ said DeLauro, a two-term Democrat.

“The only way to correct this is a strong, independent food safety agency that I have long called for,” she said. “No family should have to worry that the food their child gets at school will have foreign objects or make them sick."

DeLauro is a senior Democrat and former chairman of the subcommittee responsible for funding the Department of Agriculture.

Shelton has two members of Congress

The city of Shelton is divided between the Third District, represented by DeLauro, and the Fourth District, represented by fellow Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Himes.

DeLauro lives in New Haven and was first elected to Congress in 1990.