DeLauro says chicken from China threatens health of Americans

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, who represents a part of Shelton, is blasting the U.S. Department of Agriculture Department (USDA) after she said a new report indicates the federal agency continues to take steps to allow raw Chinese chicken into U.S. markets.

“The latest report, like previous reports, makes clear what has long-been evident: USDA, now allowing processed poultry products from China into the United States, ultimately aims to allow raw poultry slaughtered in China to be exported to the United States,” said DeLauro, a former chairman and current senior member of the U.S. House subcommittee responsible for funding the USDA.

China has ‘atrocious food safety record’

“From chicken filled with illegal drugs, to pet treats filled with contaminated chicken, to the ongoing bird flu epidemic, China’s atrocious food safety record, and related concerns in the poultry sector, make abundantly clear the current course being pursued by USDA jeopardizes the health of American consumers,” DeLauro said.

“As was the case when I banned the export of poultry from China through legislation,” she continued, “it is clear that Congress must once again act to reverse the current course.”

DeLauro, a 12-term Democrat, has long fought to ensure unsafe poultry from China does not enter the United States, according to a press release from her office.

Audit of slaughter facilities

The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service is continuing to move toward completion of an audit of China’s slaughter facilities so that the USDA can file a proposed rule to grant equivalence to China’s slaughter facilities.

The USDA is required to provide reports to the chairmen and ranking members of the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittees every 180 days. This is the eighth such report to be released since February 2010.