Debris from massive Torrington tire warehouse fire found in the Naugatuck River

Debris from a recent fire in Torrington is being reported in the Naugatuck River. The fire in a tire warehouse required foam to smother the flames.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) said solids washed into a storm drain that emptied from the west bank of the Naugatuck River immediately upstream of the East Albert Street bridge.

The DEEP is asking those who see accumulations of material to call DEEP Dispatch at 860-424-3338 to report additional areas where debris has accumulated to expedite the cleanup.

“Clean up from this fire is dynamic,” according to a post on the Connecticut Fish & Wildlife Facebook page. “As the current/speed of the river changes, so does accumulation of the solid particulates previously settled on the bank and bottom of the river.”

The DEEP Emergency Response Unit is overseeing cleanup, performed by a contractor hired by those involved in the fire.

The Naugatuck River essentially runs parallel with Route 8 north of Derby/Shelton, where ends by flowing into the Housatonic River.