Delivery made: Shelton EMS volunteers drop off donated supplies in Oklahoma

Two Shelton EMS volunteers have dropped off donated supplies for tornado first responders and victims in Oklahoma, and now are on their way home.

Echo Hose Ambulance Volunteer Corps members Jeff Caporaso and Tim Greer left on Friday night from Shelton to make the 1,600-mile drive to the Moore, Okla. area.

They arrived late Saturday night, spending the night at a relative of Greer’s who lives in Sallisaw, Okla., and then went to the Moore Fire Department on Sunday morning.

Visited Moore and Hinton

At Moore fire headquarters, the two Shelton EMS representatives met with Moore Fire Department member Wayne Hamett and his wife Jennifer, who is a paramedic and registered nurse.

Jennifer Hamett worked closely with the Shelton volunteers to coordinate the delivery.

Caporaso and Greer then continued on to bring the supplies to the Sugar Creek EMS in Hinton, Okla., near El Reno, also in the greater Oklahoma City region.

“It was a long trip but it has opened my eyes,” Caporaso said. “I've never seen such destruction in my life, but this community has already cleaned up and began rebuilding. Everyone was so helpful and compassionate.”

Public donated supplies

The duo drove an Echo Hose Ambulance extended pick-up truck with a donated U-Haul trailer to deliver items that had been donated by the public in Shelton.

The nonperishable food, clothing, toiletries, diapers, toys and other items were intended for first responders handling the aftermath of the May 20 tornado that struck the region.

The idea was to assist other public safety agencies facing a major challenge. Some donated items also will go to tornado victims.

Moore, Okla. is about 1,600 miles from Shelton. The two Echo Hose Ambulance volunteers now are making the return drive and are expected back in Shelton late Monday.

Caporaso is special operations leader and community outreach member for the volunteer ambulance corps that serves Shelton. Greer is Echo Hose Ambulance treasurer.