Shelton Dems hope fresh faces get aldermen seats

Photo of Brian Gioiele

While local Republicans are putting forth familiar faces, Democrats have a new group they hope will be able to chip away at the GOP domination of the Board of Aldermen.

The Shelton Republican Town Committee, in its caucus Monday at City Hall, voted to nominate the present board - Aldermen President John Anglace, and Cris Balamacci (third ward), Anthony Simonetti and David Gidwani (first ward), Stanley Kudey and Eric McPherson (second ward), and Noreen McGorty and Jim Capra (fourth ward) — for another term.

The Democrats, who held their caucus simultaneously Monday at the Shelton Community Center, nominated four alderman candidates: recently retired Assistant School Superintendent Lorraine Rossner (first ward), Kevin Kosty (second ward), present Board of Education member Jose Goncalves (third ward) and Matthew McGee (third ward).

“I think their experience,” said DTC Chair Dave Gioiello in his committee’s choice of Rossner, Kosty and Goncalves to vie for aldermen seats. “This is a team effort. We need to go out there, knock on doors.”

Kosty ran previously, while Gioiello said Rossner brings name recognition just coming off of serving within the school district for four decades, the last several years as assistant superintendent.

“She was excited about running,” Gioiello said. “She really wants to get out there. She knows to make any real change, you have got to start at the alderman position.”

The one newcomer on the Democrat ticket is 17-year-old McGee, a senior in high school who turns 18 in September, who Gioiello said has already been active in the local political scene.

“Matt loves politics,” said Gioiello. “He’s campaigned. He’s knocked on doors. He told us that he will run for anything we want. That kind of enthusiasm ... I wish we could bottle it.”

The other Republican nominees were Ray O’Leary for treasurer; Ginny Harger, Ned Miller and Charlie Kelly for Planning & Zoning; Peter Laskos and Bill Mikos for Planning & Zoning alternates; John Belden, Jr., Jay Francino-Quinn and John Boyko for Board of Apportionment & Taxation (A&T); and Aleta Miner and Julie Blakeman for Library Board.

For A&T, the RTC Steering Committee left off present A&T Chair Karen Battistelli, while fellow incumbent Michael Gaydos, who was nominated, withdrew from consideration. Simonetti, RTC chairman, nominated Boyko for Gaydos’ seat, while RTC member and Board of Education Chair Mark Holden nominated Battistelli. This forced a paper ballot, with Belden, Francino-Quinn and Boyko easily earning the nod.

Democrats nominated Robert Lally for treasurer; Nancy Dickal, Elaine Matto and Quinn Weber for Planning & Zoning; John Uysal for Planning & Zoning alternate; and incumbents Steve Guralnick, Joe Knapik and Michelle Laubin for Board of A&T.