Derby-Shelton Rotary begins annual Thanksgiving food drive

SHELTON — The Derby-Shelton Rotary Club is once again joining forces with Rotary clubs throughout the state and Liberty Bank to put a Thanksgiving feast on the table of those in need this coming holiday.

The bank offers a 25 percent match to monetary contributions in the annual drive. The partnership has raised more than $2 million since it began in 2004. This year’s drive began on Oct. 12.

“The Derby-Shelton Rotary chooses this Thanksgiving food drive not only for the additional matching contribution, but also because all the funds raised will go directly back into our community,” Julie Blakeman, the Derby-Shelton Rotary Club president, said. “We are encouraging everyone to donate to this drive this year to fill the bare shelves at our food banks.”

The Derby-Shelton Rotary joined the effort in 2016, raising $12,758. Since then, the program has grown.

Beginning the day after Columbus Day, all 60 Liberty Bank offices collect donations to the drive, which are deposited to special accounts owned by the participating Rotary clubs.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, the Liberty Bank Foundation adds $.25 for each dollar raised. Each Rotary club then withdraws the funds and uses them to provide Thanksgiving food in its local community.

Clubs may purchase and deliver food themselves or donate the proceeds of the drive to a local nonprofit organization that provides Thanksgiving food to needy residents. In 2020, the drive raised more than $1 million.

The Derby-Shelton Rotary Club has established a PayPal link for those wishing to donate. For more information on donations, visit