E-CIG USE TRIPLES: DeLauro wants action now on e-cigarette sales ban to minors

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, whose district includes a part of Shelton, continues to push for a  federal ban on e-cigarette sales to minors in wake of a study showing e-cigarette use skyrocketing in the United States.

“I am deeply concerned that e-cigarette usage tripled in just one year and now exceeds cigarette use among our youth,” said DeLauro, reacting to a new federal study showing that e-cigarette use has tripled during the past year.

“The public health threat posed by tobacco products is well known,” said DeLauro, a Democrat in her 13th term. “Studies show that e-cigarettes contain not only nicotine, but also many other harmful chemicals.

“I have urged FDA to finalize its rule keeping e-tobacco products away from kids by April 25 so we that can continue to curb the growth of nicotine device usage among our youth, which today’s data shows is in historic decline,” she said.

Setback in anti-tobacco efforts

The new data on e-cigarette use was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). DeLauro serves on the subcommittees responsible for funding the CDC and FDA.

“We cannot afford a setback in the progress we have made limiting tobacco use,” DeLauro said. “Consumers need to understand the possible health consequences of using e-cigarettes and the need to keep these toxic nicotine delivery devices out of our children’s hands.”
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In July 2014, DeLauro wrote to then-FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, urging her to finalize the proposed rule banning e-cigarette sales to minors by this April 25.

In the letter, she also urged the FDA to ban “child-friendly flavorings” such as chocolate or bubble gum and “youth-oriented marketing practices” such as celebrity endorsements.

Shelton has two congressional districts

DeLauro represents the Third Congressional District, which includes a part of Shelton and most of the greater New Haven region. She lives in New Haven.

Part of Shelton is in the Fourth Congressional District, represented by Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Himes of Greenwich. Himes was just re-elected to a fourth term  in the district that includes most of Fairfield County.