Eldridge campaign tops $30K in first quarter donations

SHELTON - David Eldridge, backed by the city’s Democratic Party and the bipartisan Envision Shelton, has raised more than $30,000 in his quest to unseat 30-year incumbent Mayor Mark Lauretti.

Eldridge’s campaign, in its submission to the city clerk’s office Monday, stated that Eldridge has raised $33,175 in the first fundraising quarter.

“Many contributors I have known for years but a number of residents whom I have not previously known have stepped up to contribute,” Eldridge said.

“They want change,” Eldridge added about those who are backing his campaign. “They know we can maintain our low taxes and improve our city. I hear over and over that 30 years in office is too long. This current mayor is too entrenched.”

Lauretti did not state what he has raised so far, adding that he generally does not start raising money this early in a campaign. In response to Eldridge’s fundraising, Lauretti said he “can’t imagine what (Eldridge will) spend it on … he has nothing meaningful to say.”

Eldridge campaign manager Jim Capra said the contributions “greatly exceeded his expectations” and demonstrate the number of people who are “tired of 30 years of Mark Lauretti.”

Capra said Eldridge was already hard at work on his campaign.

“David is a worker,” Capra said. “He will be getting his message of continued low taxes, quality of life improvements, smart economic development, support for our first responders, and strategic investments in our schools out to voters.”

Capra said raising this amount of money early will help Eldridge’s ability to get his ideas out to the community.

Eldridge, a longtime Shelton resident and retired city police officer, plans to run on the Democratic ticket, according to Capra, but has formed a bipartisan coalition that includes Republicans, Democrats, unaffiliated and Envision Shelton voters.