Emergency officials asking residents to evacuate flood prone areas

The city is urging residents in flood prone areas to seek shelter at higher ground before the storm starts.

The city is also providing shelter for displaced residents at the Shelton Senior Center, 81 Wheeler St., starting at noon on Monday.

The city’s Department of Emergency Management sent out a notice to residents of the Maples, upper Birchbank, and Birchbank area as well as the Victory Street and Fanny Street area, Ayers Landing, Beacon Point Marine and River’s End Marina.

“We are recommending that you make plans to move personal belongings to higher ground, secure any lose items, boats, propane tanks and seek shelter at higher ground before the storm hits,” the city announcement says.

The emergency announcement asks residents to consider evacuating early.

“Once the storm arrives evacuation assistance may not be available by emergency services,” the city said.