Enjoy all Shelton has to offer this summer

To the Editor:

Our New England spring season was almost a washout, so we just sprung into summer suddenly. Summer brings wonderful weather, beautiful flowers and those delicious farm fresh vegetables. If you don’t grow your own, please visit some of the wonderful farms in Shelton and our terrific Farmers’ Market on Canal Street at the Shelton War Memorial Park on Saturdays from now until October. The freshest fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs are there to pick up. And have coffee and bakery delights from 3 Bridges Cafe or a breakfast wrap from the wonderful foodie trailer that is on-site.

And don’t forget to stop at Stone Gardens Farm located at 83 Saw Mill Road, where they not only offer fresh vegetables but have expanded their offerings to farm fresh meats with butchers on the premises to prepare them just the way my grandfather and his family did for more than 35 years at Frank’s Peoples Market on Howe Avenue. Stone Garden owners and Shelton natives Fred & Stacia Monahan and their family would be pleased to serve you.

Another special farm is the Jones Family Farm off Rt. 110 in Shelton. Most people know them for their Christmas trees. They have so much more to offer. Their winery is open with fabulous wine tastings, farm to kitchen recipes and cooking lessons are available and don’t forget the pick your own strawberries and blueberries when they are in season along with their big fall pumpkin picking festival. Their close neighbors and friends at the Beardsley Apple Farm and Beardsley Herb Farm are less than a mile away for even more delicious treats. The doughnuts, fresh baked pies, apple cider and jams are all excellent. Other specialty items are available and you can even take some of the herb plants home to grow yourself. These are all multi-generational farms so you know they are doing it right.

Please be extra careful as you drive through town. With schools not in session more young people are out on bikes, walking and running. Hopefully, wearing helmets but you can bet they have some music playing from their iPhones or some other device. They won’t see or hear you coming. Give them and the runners and walkers (many with headsets on) plenty of space and please stop at the stop signs. On Maple Avenue, at least 60 percent to 70 percent of the drivers fail to stop. Every driver is responsible to follow the driving regulations, don’t be the cause of an easily avoided accident. Please drive defensively also.

That brings me to the very difficult subject of the ATVs and dirt bikes on our city streets. There are more than a dozen areas in the city where younger people are racing through our neighborhoods literally scaring neighbors with their loud machines and putting themselves and regular car traffic in danger. No one has a simple solution to this problem and it is a problem in every city and there have been accidents and tragedies associated with it. Everyone should know the police will not chase the riders. No one wants to see anyone injured or a loss of a life. I have asked the police to assist me in setting up a neighborhood meeting to bring together the neighbors, riders, parents and anyone interested in discussing this issue. I will post the time, date and time of the meeting in The Shelton Herald shortly.

Please be safe and enjoy a great summer here in Connecticut or wherever your travels may take you.

Anthony Simonetti

Alderman, 1st Ward