Extreme cold continues until possible snowfall Friday

The coldest week of this winter continues Wednesday, Jan. 23, in Shelton and the region. And forecasters are expecting a snowstorm on Friday but just aren't sure how much snow will fall — or when that day it will arrive.

Tuesday’s high was 19 degrees in Shelton, which it was around noon, before dipping down into the teens and then the low of 9. At one point Tuesday, about 6 p.m., the wind-chill was -11.

While the high in Shelton today is forecast to be 16 degrees the wind chill could make it feel like 3 below zero.

Some scattered flurries are expected in the afternoon. Wednesday night could bring more flurries and a low around 4 degrees. The wind is expected to calm down to five to seven mph in the evening, according to the National Weather Service.

While Thursday could see the temperature rise to 20 for the first time since Monday, the 9 to 18 mph winds (with gusts up to 30 mph) could make it feel like 7 below. Thursday night's low is around 4 with a wind-chill value of -3.

On Friday, there is a chance for snow after 3 p.m., and a high of 22. Snow is more likely between 9 p.m. Friday and 3 a.m. Saturday. “There is the potential for a light to moderate accumulating snowfall late Friday into Friday night as an area of low pressure passes south of the tri-state region,” according to a National Weather Service hazardous weather outlook issued Wednesday morning. “There is still some uncertainty as to the track of the low which will have an impact on the amount of snow across the region.”

This weekend could see warmer days and more sun. Saturday's high is expected to be 25; Sunday's near 29; Monday's near 36; and Tuesday's near 43.