FIRE UPDATE: Police and UI crews remain at scene into night

Multiple United Illuminating crews are working into the night at the downtown Shelton fire scene, rectifying electrical issues related to today’s massive blaze. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Shelton police also remain on the scene as of 10 p.m. on Monday, with no vehicular traffic allowed on Howe Avenue between Center Street and White Street. Bridge Street is closed at the Howe Avenue intersection, but can be accessed via the Canal Street ramps.

Construction equipment was used this afternoon to demolish the most badly damaged part of the city block destroyed by fire, although the last few storefronts near Center Street — including Liquid Lunch — remain standing at this point.

Throughout the day, workers from other utilities — such as Aquarion Water Co. and AT&T — as well as from private contracting companies also were visible at the site.

Investigating the cause of the fire

Investigators were at the scene during the day to look into the cause of the fire, with initial reports indicating it may have started in the basement.

The Shelton fire marshal's office will oversee the investigation into the cause.

The fire destroyed a city block on Howe Avenue between Center Street and Bridge Street/Viaduct Square, on the Coram Avenue side.

The block includes such businesses as Liquid Lunch and Howe Convenient on the first floor as well as an estimated 24 residences and a few offices on upper floors.

Officials said 28 people were rescued from apartments by firefighters, with five individuals treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Those displaced have lost their home and belongings.