FLAT ROOF WARNING: With more snow, concerns are raised

With up to a foot of snow possible in Shelton on Thursday and early Friday, the National Weather Service (NWS) is warning property owners about the potential for flat roofs collapsing.

The coming storm’s precipitation is likely to include rain and sleet as well, especially in the late morning and early afternoon on Thursday.

That will put added weight on structures already bogged down with recent snow and snowmelt.

The NWS warned this storm will bring “heavy, wet snow [that] may cause some weak flat roof structures to collapse and trees will be susceptible to falling.”

Gas station canopy collapse

For many people, this will bring back memories of the winter of 2010-11, when consistent snow and cold temperatures led to the collapse of some structures in the area. Most susceptible were old barns with weak roofs as well as smaller structures with flat roofs.

In Shelton, the canopy of the Shell gas station at 99 Bridgeport Avenue (near downtown) collapsed in the early afternoon on Jan. 29, 2011, but luckily no one was at the pumps at the time and so there were no injuries.

The dramatic gas station canopy collapse was caught on surveillance cameras, with the video being shown across the country.

Roof rakes were in demand

It was the winter of the “roof rake,” when many people purchased and used the outdoor tool for the first time. In fact, the area quickly had a shortage on roof rakes because of the skyrocketing demand.

In many towns that winter, crews of workers could be seen clearing snow from on top of buildings with flat roofs, such as schools and commercial buildings.