Fire crews respond to Latex plant again Monday; Smoke was visible in basement

Fire crews responded to another fire call this morning at the Latex Foam International building at 510 River Road (Route 110) in Shelton. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Firefighters responded at about 10 a.m. on Monday, June 30, and as of about 11 a.m., crews remain on the scene but there is no active fire.

The incident occurred in the same location as the initial fire — in the basement in the rear of the main building at the sprawling factory complex.

Fire Marshal James Tortora said from the scene that over the weekend, doors had been opened on the fire-damaged drying oven and high-powered fans turned on to dry out the area, and this led to smoldering of remnants from last Thursday’s fire. The initial fire is believed to have started in the large, industrial dryer, which is in the factory's basement.

Employees saw smoke in basement

Latex employees called for fire assistance when some smoke was seen on Monday morning in the basement.

“There was a slight smoke condition in the building,” Tortora said. “We’re now going to empty all remnants of any mattresses.”

Some limited fire crews will remain on the scene during the day to monitor any future problems, watching for any spontaneous combustion issues, Tortora said.

As of about 11:30, numerous fire trucks and at least three dozen firefighters were still at the scene. Most were stationed outside the rear entrance to the basement.

Tortora and some other fire officials headed into that entrance to check on the situation.

All four city companies responded

Crews from all four of Shelton's volunteer fire departments — Echo Hose, Huntington, Pine Rock Park and White Hills — responded to Monday morning’s call.

The Derby and Monroe departments provided back-up coverage in the city during the response.