Firefighters, Marine unit aid in plane’s emergency landing in Housatonic

Shelton firefighters assisted in handling an emergency aircraft landing on the Housatonic River on Friday, Aug. 16.

The landing gear on the Cessna Caravan Amphibian 8 passenger seaplane - which had a two-person crew - failed to deploy forcing the aircraft to land in the Housatonic river in the area of the Sunnyside Boat Ramp, said Shelton Fire Department Chief Francis T. Jones III. No one was injured.

“At approximately 7 p.m.,” said Jones, “Shelton police and fire dispatch were informed of an airplane requesting assistance to clear the waterway for a water landing, due to aircrafts wheeled landing gear being inoperable to land at an airport.”

Jones said that the plane’s pilot requested to land in the water in the area of 2 Mile Island (Island Sand & Gravel) just north of Sunnyside boat launch. 2 Mile Island was once a private airfield.

Members of Shelton fire companies 1 and 4, responded with Marine 4 via its in-water berth from Beacon Point Marina and Squad 1 and Zodiac 4 assembled at Sunnyside boat launch, said Jones, adding that Derby (Storms) Marine 2 prepared to launch at O’Sullivan Island and the Sikorsky aircraft Marine Unit was placed on standby.

“Fire department units quickly secured the boat launch, and waterway for the in-water landing,” said Jones. “The plane made a routine water landing, and the plane was secured at Sunnyside launch until repairs could be completed.”