Firefighters battle massive blaze in Bridgeport

A massive fire is burning into its third hour in an industrial building in Bridgeport.

The fire was reported at 6:48 p.m. Thursday at 2102 Seaview Ave. Around 8:30 p.m. A massive column of smoke, bathed in an orange glow, towered above the East Side of the Park City, visible from Interstate 95.

Numerous explosions sent flames four stories into the air.

The wind, blowing east to west, sent sparks toward nearby structures. Firefighters were spraying water on houses as siding melted on at least one.

The fire is near the former Remington plant, scene of several recent blazes.

The Stratford and Fairfield fire departments are also on the scene. Shortly before 9 p.m., haz mat teams from lower Fairfield County were speeding up I-95 North toward the inferno.

More details will be posted as they become available.