Firefighters perfect in vehicle extrication training at Shelton certification class

SHELTON — City firefighters have proved to be pros on vehicle extrication techniques.

Deputy Fire Chief Paul Wilson said the entire State of Connecticut Firefighter II Certification class — 22 firefighters — each earned a perfect score from Connecticut Fire Academy instructors on their abilities at vehicle extrication.

The scores were announced as part of the certification class hosted by Shelton Fire Department's Training Division. The class began on March 1 with 22 students, 20 of whom are from the city’s department.

To date, Wilson said the class has covered hose testing, special rescue team assisting, fire protection systems, fire suppression, pre-fire planning vehicle extrication and Rapid Intervention Team certification.

The vehicle extrication test was done in a practical setting.

“Each member of the class had to successfully demonstrate the proper technique for removing a car door with hydraulic tools and safely stabilizing the vehicle to conduct patient removal,” Wilson said. “Every student completed these skills with 100 percent accuracy.”

This week, Wilson said, training continues as the class will be attending live fire training proving competency in fire suppression, search and rescue as well as ventilation tactics.

At the conclusion of the program, Wilson said, the class will complete a State of Connecticut practical exam; the final step to certification is a written exam.