Firefighters respond to trash recycling plant blaze in Shelton

Shelton firefighters responded to a trash fire in the Winter Bros. Waste Systems large garbage separation and recycling plant on Oliver Terrace today at about 1:30 p.m. (Photo by Brad Durrell)

The fire was relatively small, and occurred in trash that had been piled in an indoor, garage-type area. One firefighter said the trash that caught on fire was "deep-seated" inside the pile of trash.

As of about 2 p.m., the fire was out and a Winter Brothers payloader (tractor) was being used to remove debris involved in, or near the blaze, from inside the building to an outside area.

Trash fires can smolder and later re-ignite, so removing trash from large piles is considered a good way to get at the source and make sure a new fire doesn't start.

Numerous Winter Bros. employees had been evacuated from the plant, and could be seen gathered outside as they waited for the situation to be resolved.

Three fire companies respond

Three Shelton fire companies were visible at the scene — Echo Hose, Huntington and Pine Rock Park — as well as Shelton police and Echo Hose Ambulance. It appeared about a half dozen firetrucks and 25 firefighters were involved in the response.

No injuries were reported and there appeared to be no structural damage.
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In May 2013, a major fire occurred in an older, much smaller Winter Brothers trash storage facility that also is on Oliver Terrace.

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Location of the fire

Oliver Terrace is a dead-end road off Platt Road, close to Bridgeport Avenue.

During the Monday afternoon fire, police briefly closed off Platt Road from Bridgeport Avenue due to the emergency response,. The intersection was reopened relatively quickly when the fire was put out and it became apparent more firetrucks were not needed at the scene.

The large, $15 million Winter Bros. recycling facility opened in early 2013, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy attended a ceremonial event to herald the new plant in April of that year.

Winter Bros. Waste Systems promotes the recycling facility as the “Amazing Green Machine.” Click below to read more about the recycling plant: