Firefighters to breathe easier after Aldermen vote

The Board of Aldermen approved a measure at its Thursday, Dec. 13, meeting to install vehicle exhaust removal systems at all city fire stations.

This appropriation was submitted by Aldermen Executive Vice President Eric McPherson and approved unanimously by the board. The systems will cost a total of $168,000, but most of the funding is provided by a grant the city received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant program.

The city’s total expenditure for the project will be $22,175, which includes $16,300 required as a FEMA matching grant contribution. An additional $5,875 is needed for work not included in the FEMA grant application, but nonetheless necessary for the project’s completion.

“This represents outstanding work by our grant writers and the Fire Department,” said Board of Aldermen President John Anglace. “This system ensures that engine exhaust in the garages will go out the door and not stay inside the building.”

As such, Anglace noted, the system ensures the safety of Shelton firefighters.

“Our share of the project is 13 percent,” Anglace added. “That’s a heckuva good deal for the city.”
Student essay takes honors
Board members were particularly pleased when a local student, Mallory Doyle, took top honors in the middle-school category in a national essay contest. Doyle is an eighth grader at Trinity Catholic Academy and her winning essay was part of Constituting America’s “We Are the Future” contest.

Constituting America is a nonprofit organization founded by actress Janine Turner that educates Americans about the U.S. Constitution. In her essay Doyle praised the city of Shelton for having a small government that cares about its residents and responds quickly to their needs.

As a contest winner, Doyle received a $1,000 scholarship. She also traveled to Austin, Texas, where the award ceremony took place.

“I’d like to congratulate Mallory and read her essay into our minutes,” said Anglace. “I’m sure she didn’t expect that, but her essay is remarkable and I wanted to share it with everyone.”
Other business
The Board of Aldermen also unanimously approved a cost overrun of $500 in a project to install fencing at the corner of White Street and Coram Avenue, adjacent to the Echo Hose firehouse. This project was added to the city’s Capital Improvement Plan at the board’s Oct. 11 meeting, with $4,700 in funding from the state-level Local Capital Improvement Program (LOCIP).

“This is a quote revision due to the extension of time from the approval of project to the commencement of project,” said Anglace.

Among other business, the Board of Aldermen approved tax refunds totaling $10,522.71 to various city residents, which were announced in a recent report by the city’s tax collector. It also approved the payment of $990 to Corporation Counsel Teodosio Stanek, LLC, and $839.50 to Assistant Corporation Counsel Thomas Galvin Cotter, both for legal services.

The board also approved the following reappointments to the city’s Board of Ethics — Dr. Jeff Forte (D), whose term expires in September of 2020; Kenneth Olin (R), whose term expires in February 2021; and Frank Carroll (D), whose term expires in May of 2021.