Fitness pro brings expertise to Shelton

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Laurean Vazquez-Limauro, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, officially opened Leading Level Fitness on Friday.

Laurean Vazquez-Limauro, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, officially opened Leading Level Fitness on Friday.

Brian Gioiele / Hearst Connecticut Media

Laurean Vazquez-Limauro has built her life around physical fitness - and now she is spreading her word of personal wellness through her new business.

Vazquez-Limauro, a personal trainer and nutrition coach, officially opened Leading Level Fitness, LLC at 57 Bridge St. on Friday. She brings with her numerous longtime clients from her previous stints at area fitness centers as well as a passion for passing on her message of physical well-being to all.

“Personal training and physical fitness are something I have always loved … for as long as I have had my own gym membership,” said Vazquez-Limauro. “Fitness is the one thing we have control over. Our health, our nutrition, what we put in our bodies and how we use it, are what we can control. There are so many things out of our control, but fitness and the ability to move bodies is a gift.”

Vazquez-Limauro began her athletic journey when she first hit the soccer field at the age of 6. She played team sports for years before getting her first gym membership at 15. From that point, Vazquez-Limauro said she realized her purpose was helping others achieve their fitness goals.

And her clients are more than just paying customers, Vazquez-Limauro calls them family.

“I spent anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours with each person over a week, and in that time, I establish strong relationships with them,” said Vazquez-Limauro.

“I work with some elite athletes, and I work with people who have never stepped into a gym before,” added Vazquez-Limauro. “Some are rehabbing injuries. Some are training for full-blown marathons. There are a wide array of individuals who seek my guidance, and I am blessed and grateful for them seeking me when there are thousands of different trainers out there. I do not take that lightly.”

Leading Level Fitness, LLC is a personal training and wellness studio that offers individual personal training, small group training, and nutrition coaching that cater to all levels of fitness from beginner to elite athlete.

Vazquez-Limauro began her personal fitness training career in 2012 at a larger, corporate gym. From there, she joined two friends in forming their own fitness center. In that time, she gained experience in weight training, cross training, powerlifting, marathon and long distance running as well as certifications in nutrition coaching.

With that knowledge in hand, the Derby native said she knew the time had come to branch out on her own - and Leading Level Fitness, LLC was born.

Vazquez-Limauro said she caters for workouts and nutrition tips to each individual client’s personal needs. And when walking through the new business, clients will see only manually operated equipment - no treadmills, no ellipticals, no plug-in technology.

“I truly, truly love what I do,” said Vazquez-Limauro when stating what sets her apart from other personal fitness trainers. “I wake up each day and never have to go to work. When I have someone’s time, it is there time, and I am grateful for the time I get to share with them. I listen to what they need from me, and I do my best to make sure I deliver exactly what they need.”

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