Five February Shelton home sales top $500K

The following property transfers were reported in the office of Shelton city clerk from Feb. 2-26.

The following property transfers were reported in the office of Shelton city clerk from Feb. 2-26.

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The following property transfers were recorded in the city clerk’s office between Feb. 2 and 26.

85 Cranston Ave., Frederick K. Banty Trust aka Frederick R. Banty trust, Barbara Lombardi Residence Trust to Joseph C. Guerra and Kelly G. Guerra, $330,000.

55 Vista Drive, Gregory J. Turaj and Janet M. Turaj to Bradley David Blanchette and Julianne Blanchette, $446,850.

19 Redwood Circle, Gerard F. Ditroia and Jennifer M. Ditroia to Justin J. Piskura and Janelle D. Piskura, $560,000.

164 Grive St., Jennifer Farmer and Shawn Farmer to James Albert Marchese and Leslie Marchese, $158,000.

29 Ten Coat Lane, Justin J. Piskura and Janelle D. Piskura to Michael Stackhouse and Cynthia Stackhouse, $389,900.

1 Meghan Lane, Alberto Martins to Raquel Torre and Daniel Freeman, $475,000.

145 Canal St., Thomas Bryan Muller and Colleen Muller to Louis Molnar IV, $201,000.

22 Wakelee Ave., Edwain G. Barrios Alvarez aka Edwin G. Barrios to Jimmy A. Diaz, $255,000.

176 Nichols Ave., Sally W. Schiffer to Thomas F. McNamara, $340,000.

Lot No. 34 Section Three Mountain View (Andrew Drive), Gary R. Siegel to Frenando Nunez and Ana Jimenez-Nunez, $470,000.

36 Little Fox Run, Emad Sabbagh and Tanya Sabbagh to Jelani S. Watkins and Jasmin J. Watkins, $562,000.

8 Ridgefield Road, Andrea Bartone to Mark W. Jackson and Beth Ann Jackson, $349,000.

52 Murray Ave., Luciano Cappiello to Michelle Lopez, $360,000.

Unit No. 19 Hawk’s Ridge, Hawk’s Ridge of Shelton LLC to Jefferson Scinto and Marianne Scinto, $634,461.

560 River Road, Unit No. 35, Diane A. Deluca to Geraldina Davis and Tiffany Davis, $505,000.

28 Bonita Drive Lot No. 32 Heritage Estates, Maureen H. Sharnick and Edward A. O’Donnell, Jr., to Courtney Sharp, $320,000.

36 Catlin Place Lot No. 29 Epsom Downs, Rhose Island Lights Inc. to Alcides Barros and Thomas Ontko, $170,000.

351 Walnut Tree Hill Road, Priscilla D. Codere trust and Dreher Family Trust to Donna R. Fonda and Nandor F. Fonda, $379,000.

190 Thoreau Drive, Xen Van Lam to Peiwen Braziel, $415,000.

15 Maple Ave., Michael A. Martin exec, Emil William Martin, Jr., aka est, Emil W. Martin, Jr. aka est. to Steven J. Velardo, Jr., and Christina Walter, $361,000.

7 Wigwam Drive, Katherine Lichvar, Maria Mulle, Andre J. Vislocky, Olga Hlinka to Sorina Latorres and Carlos Martinez, $390,000.

15 Elizabeth St., Angela Casablanca to Francisco Chevalier and Johanna Reyes, $484,400.

75 Kyle’s Way, Unit No. 54A Crescent Village, Michael S. Ryzak and Carol Z. Ryzak to Until Wexford LLC, $459,900.

76 Kings Highway, Mark R. Shevlin to Elizabeth Samerotti, $317,500.

882 Howe Ave., 209 Myrtle LLC to Chok-Leung Cheung and Zhen Cheung, $408,000.

5 Kingswood Manor, Lark Okula to Annemarie Constantine, $215,000.

58 Wheeler St., Franklin Investors Group LLC to Shawn M. Stewart and Cheryl A. Stewart, $450,000.

48 Country Walk, Mahesh Kolli to Christian Ulisse, $290,000.

197 Beardsley Road, Russell Nicholas Wabuda, Susan Ruth Wabuda to 1906 McEwen Farm LLC, $875,000.

25 Freedom Way, James Ortoli, Melissa Ortoli nka, Melissa Silagy to Flore O. Kacou, $475,000.

16 Willoughby Road, Elzbieta Pucholski to Ally Covington and Craig Smith, $480,000.

Spoke Drive Lot No. 18 Carriage Hill Estates, Ralph Durante to Gregory Derosa and Maureen Derosa, $495,000.