Former Fairfield CFO overseeing Shelton Finance Department

Paul Hiller, who served as Fairfield’s chief fiscal officer for 13 years, has been hired as Shelton’s Finance Director, following the recent upheaval in the finance department, due to allegations of stolen public money.

Hiller, who answered the phone in the Shelton finance office Wednesday, confirmed he is now working as director and started last Friday.

“I’m here three days a week right now and the office is open four days a week,” he said.

Hiller resigned as Fairfield’s chief fiscal officer earlier this summer, amid some controversy, according to The Fairfield Sun, a sister paper of The Herald. His resignation is effective Sept. 15 but, per his agreement with the town, he will continue to assist the town with financial matters until the end of the fiscal year.

While the town didn't give specific reasons for Hiller's resignation, First Selectmen Mike Tetreau said last month, in a letter to the community, that there was no indication of any wrongdoing.

"To address concerns that the CFO may have been engaged in illegal or unethical conduct or asked to leave because he discovered illegal or unethical conduct — let me be clear — to the best of my knowledge, neither one occurred," Tetreau said in a statement.

“The first selectmen and I negotiated an agreement and I was eligible for retirement age, so I resigned,” Hiller told The Herald.

Shelton’s Assistant Finance Director Sharon Scanlon resigned a few weeks ago in connection with an investigation into stolen money. Mayor Mark Lauretti has alleged that more than $300,000 was stolen and the city is taking legal action against Scanlon. Lauretti said the number could change as an internal investigation continues.

Shelton’s long-time Finance Director Louis Marusic, was placed on administrative leave after news broke of the alleged theft. The mayor said Marusic was not involved in the investigation but would not comment on if Marusic will return or why he was placed on leave.

Before becoming Fairfield’s fiscal officer, Hiller served for 18 years on the Fairfield Board of Finance, many of those years as board chair or assistant chair. He lives in Fairfield.

Hiller did not comment on the investigation into the finance office.

“Things are good in the Shelton office and I’m just getting acclimated,” he said. “There are some good people here and we’re working closely.”