Former Shelton masseur to serve no jail time for alleged sexual assaults, lawyer says

Photo of Liz Hardaway

A former masseur at a Shelton spa will serve no jail time after he allegedly sexually assaulted several clients, according to court records.

Hyungchan Kim, 59, of Queens, N.Y., was sentenced to three years of suspended jail time and three years of probation.

His probation stipulates that he should have no contact with any of the victims, enroll in sex offender probation and treatment and register on the state’s sex offender registry for 10 years. He also has to get his employment pre-approved by his probation officer. Kim cannot work in the spa or massage industry, any type of personal care fields, nursing care, nursing home or any private home care, according to Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Mary SanAngelo.

One of Kim’s victims also has a standing protective order against him for 10 years.

In his sex offender probation and treatment, Kim “must acknowledge the behavior of these crimes,” SanAngelo said.

“If he is unable or unwilling to acknowledge the crimes for which he is convicted, the defendant (Kim) will be subject to a Violation of Probation,” according to SanAngelo.

If Kim violates his probation, he faces jail time, SanAngelo said.

Earlier this year, Kim entered into written pleas of nolo contendere, or no contest, to eight counts of fourth-degree sexual assault, meaning he did not admit nor deny the charges, in a plea deal. Judge Peter Brown entered a finding of guilty after finding a factual basis for the allegations.

Kim was arrested in July 2016, two months after two women submitted separate complaints to police that he had allegedly touched them inappropriately during massages at Coco Spa. Police later discovered Kim did not have a license to practice massage therapy.

Once his arrest became public, more women came forward accusing Kim of sexual assault. Most of the incidents took place in April and May 2016, while one case dated back to November 2015, according to court records.

SanAngelo said previously that all eight victims were aware of the plea deal and supported it.

This story included previous reporting from staff writer Ethan Fry.