Four arrested in stabbing in Shelton

Police arrested four teens involved in a stabbing that took place at a Shelton party in early May, according to a press release late Thursday afternoon from police spokesman Det. Chris Nugent.

Night of the incident

On May 2, shortly after midnight, Shelton Police were contacted by St. Vincent’s Medical Center staff regarding a 19 year old female who entered the hospital after suffering from a stab wound which was reported to have occurred in a party in Shelton.

Police responded to St. Vincent’s Medical Center and interviewed the female victim who reported that she was at the party where a fight broke out and she was stabbed. The female victim was treated for an injury to her head and stab wound to her back.

After a further investigation

A more extensive investigation by detectives revealed that a fight broke out between two females and several people that were at the party jumped into the fight.

The fight reportedly began inside the residence and spilled outside, where it eventually ended.

Shelton teens arrested

18 year old Merita Rugova, of 147 Center St. Shelton, was arrested on a warrant and charged with aiding and abetting assault 2nd degree,  assault 3rd degree, and breach of peace 2nd degree.

Rugova was involved in the assault on the victim.  She posted a $5,000.00 bond and is scheduled to appear in Derby Superior Court on July 21, 2015.

A 17 year old juvenile female from Shelton was also arrested on a warrant and charged with assault 3rd degree and breach of peace 2nd degree.

Detectives arrested 18 year old Jeremy Thompson, of 833 River Rd. in Shelton, after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Thompson was charged with Interfering with an Officer after misleading investigators during the course of the investigation.

Thompson posted a $1,000.00 bond and is also scheduled to appear in Derby Superior Court on July 21.

Accused of the stabbing

A 17 year old juvenile female from West Haven was arrested on a warrant and charged with assault 2nd Degree, conspiracy to commit assault 2nd Degree and breach of peace 2nd degree. The 17 year old female is believed to be responsible for stabbing the victim.

The charges above are accusations and the defendants are innocent until proven guilty.