Friends pray for Kristjan: 'A good person with so much to look forward to'

Kristjan Ndoj
Kristjan Ndoj

THURSDAY UPDATE: On Thursday, March 20, Kristjan Ndoj died from his injuries in the hospital.

Friends and classmates are offering support for the Shelton High School student battling for his life in the hospital after being shot Saturday night.

As of Wednesday morning, 15-year-old Kristjan Ndoj remains in critical condition with life-threatening injuries at Bridgeport Hospital. Police continue to investigate the incident.

A Twitter page, with the hashtag #PrayForKristjan, has been established for people to share their thoughts.

‘So much to look forward to’

“No one deserves to be hurt like that, especially not such a good person with so much to look forward to,” wrote Veronica.

Lindsay called Kristjan a “sweet, innocent kid,” while Brett hopes to spend time with him in the future, just like in the recent past. “I know that won’t be the last time,” Brett wrote.

“Hang in there, kid. You have a beautiful life to look forward to,” wrote Ermal.

‘Always nice to me’

Matthew wrote that Kristjan was “always happy and nice to me. My prayers most definitely go out to you, buddy.”

“If you could see the support you’re receiving — how everyone in Shelton cares for you,” wrote Ryan.

“Stay strong, buddy, we’re all praying,” wrote Claire.

“Stay strong, man,” wrote Jeffro.

Praying for his recovery

Johnna was hoping all the positive thoughts will lead to Kristjan’s recovery. “Prayers go up and miracles come down,” she wrote.

“Crazy how something like this could happen so close to home,” wrote Gaby. “Sending all my love and prayers.”

“It’s sad to think stuff like this even happens,” wrote Madalena.