GAS LEAK: Crews find broken pipe and fix it downtown; purging excess gas


Yankee Gas crews working in frigid temperatures found the source of a natural gas leak in downtown Shelton on Friday night, and were able to fix it. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

One person at the scene said an underground gas pipe was found severely damaged, due to deterioration. The repair work wrapped up at about 1 a.m. just outside the Subway sandwich shop, on Bridge Street, just off Howe Avenue.

As of Saturday morning, employees from Yankee Gas (now called Eversource Energy) are expected to purge the area of natural gas. This essentially involves pushing — or blowing — excess gas out of the system.

Shelton police and fire personnel remain on the scene. The holes dug in the road to search for the source of the leak have been filled in and patched.

Crews worked most of late Friday to find the leak, reported when two people said they smelled gas in the vicinity. The Howe Avenue building with the Subway — which also houses the Cigarella cigar shop and upper-floor apartments — had to be evacuated.

Yankee Gas (Eversource) is the natural gas provider for Shelton.

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