GAS LEAK: Someone smelled gas, told firefighters

UPDATE 4:15: The gas leak being investigated in downtown Shelton on Friday afternoon was first reported late this morning, when someone walked into the Echo Hose firehouse and reported they smelled gas in the area.

Nick Verdicchio, Shelton Fire Department spokesman, said firefighters then looked into the situation and got high levels on their hand-held gas detection meters in the vicinity of Howe Avenue and Bridge Street.

Some nearby buildings have been evacuated and the power turned off due to the situation, Verdicchio said.

Personnel from Yankee Gas (now called Eversource) are on the scene and checking for a possible leak, primarily along the part of Bridge Street between Howe Avenue and the U.S. post office. This is near the Subway sandwich shop and other businesses.

“They have pinpointed an area and are actively digging to find the leak, but haven’t found anything yet,” Verdicchio said. He noted the ground is frozen due to recent cold temperatures, which is impacting the pace of the work.

The Echo Hose firehouse is very close to the area where Yankee Gas personnel are now working.

UPDATE 3:19 P.M.: Yankee Gas personnel now is looking for “an active gas leak” in downtown Shelton, according to a Twitter posting from Echo Hose Fire.

“E2 (Engine 2) standing by on Howe Ave while Yankee Gas searches for an active gas leak,” says the Tweet.

The incident has been ongoing for at least 90 minutes now. Yankee Gas, now known as Eversource, is the natural gas provider in Shelton.

Earlier reports:

Some evacuations have taken place in downtown Shelton due to an ongoing check into a possible gas leak, according to the Shelton Police Department.

In addition, southbound traffic on Howe Avenue between White Street and Bridge Street is currently being detoured while the fire department is on scene investigating a gas leak.

Shelton police officials first announced the road detour at slightly past 2 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 20.

The area affected is in the heart of the city center in Shelton, near the Derby-Shelton Bridge. It is also near the Echo Hose fire station.