Got road salt? Well, CT's towns and cities need it

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy declared a state of emergency on Thursday in an attempt for the state to pursue a request to the federal government to help some municipalities in Connecticut that are experiencing road salt shortages for the remainder of this winter season.

The storm on Thursday is the 12th of the winter season.

"I have asked our state emergency management personnel to reach out to our cities and towns tonight and get more information on what their salt supplies look like right now, indicating to us how much they currently have on hand and how much they use in a typical storm," Malloy said.

"This will enable us to pursue a request to the federal government to assist these communities to increase their supplies as the winter season continues,” he said.

More storms are likely

Malloy said salt supplies are needed for the remainder of this winter season because additional snow and ice events surely will occur in the coming weeks.

“With winter storms impacting many parts of the country, some of which don't typically see this type of weather, salt supplies are being stretched throughout the entire eastern portion of the U.S.,” he said.

More information on a request to the federal government will be announced as soon as the plan is formalized.

Delay for state employees

In addition, Malloy announced that all non-essential, first-shift state employees should report to work on Friday, Feb. 14 on a one-hour delay, based on the time that each employee would normally report to work.

This should help stagger the early morning rush hour commute, according to the governor.