The Shelton Economic Development Corporation’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, William Partington, announced that the Executive Committee has appointed Paul J. Grimmer, a Shelton resident, as the next President of the Shelton Economic Development Corporation after Incumbent Jimmy Ryan retires in early August this year.

Ryan announced last October that he will retire this summer.

The Shelton Economic Development Corporation’s Board of Director’s Search Committee has concluded a six-month process to hire the best candidate to lead the organization in its important efforts and to assist Shelton with infrastructure and brownfields activities in the downtown revitalization area.

“Paul is well suited with his significant economic development and grants experience and his successful run as Executive Director for the Town of Orange’s Economic Development Corporation,” Partington said.

Partington added that Paul’s familiarity with the Downtown, the City of Shelton, and the Valley will be a real asset to the Corporation and City of Shelton. “His knowledge of the functions of a non-profit development corporation and the ability to work with a volunteer board of directors is another real strength Paul has in his toolkit.”

Grimmer will begin his work on May 2, as a Vice President of the Shelton Economic Development Corporation and will work under the supervision of Jimmy Ryan for 90 days to bring him up to speed with the many programs that the corporation administers. Grimmer will assume the title of President on Aug. 3, the day after Ryan retires.

The Shelton Economic Development Corporation’s Search Committee was pleased to note that Paul will inherit a program that has a proud legacy of achievement working with Mayor Mark Lauretti and the City of Shelton on the complex issues associated with downtown redevelopment and that the effort will continue to move forward without any interruptions.

“We are delighted that Paul has accepted our invitation to lead our staff in continuing to provide high impact services to the City’s multifaceted program of downtown revitalization and that the Shelton Economic Development Corporation values the relationship of public and private partnerships which have been created and continues to be a role model for other Connecticut communities,” Partington said.

Grimmer said he is ready for the challenges the new position has in store for him.

“Stepping into this new position with the Shelton Economic Development Corporation is incredibly exciting and a challenge that I gladly accept.”

Grimmer started his career as an intern with the Shelton Economic Development Corporation in May 1987, while attending Pennsylvania State University.

“I wish to thank the Shelton Economic Development Corporation’s Board of Directors, their Chairman William Partington, Mayor Mark Lauretti and Jimmy Ryan for their confidence in granting me this opportunity to serve my hometown,” he said.

Grimmer has served as the Executive Director for the Orange Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) since September 2001.

“My life has come full circle,” Grimmer said. “I grew up fishing along the Housatonic River and hung out on the very streets that I now have a chance to revitalize. My parents and grandparents worked in many of these factories. It is all very nostalgic.”

Ryan said it is “a pleasure to pass the baton to Paul.”

“Paul Grimmer is the right man at the right time with all of the skills and enthusiasm necessary to maintain the Shelton Economic Development Corporation tradition of core values that lead to success,” he said, also noting that “Paul is a man of integrity and ethics that are fundamental to the public responsibilities associated with the position.”