Happy ending: Curtis the Yorkie is back home with his Shelton family

The 8-year-old Yorkie that had been missing in the Sunnyside area of Shelton now is back home.

The family who had been frantically searching for their missing dog for a week was able to pick him up at the Shelton animal shelter on Tuesday.

“We celebrated his return to us,” a happy family member said of the reunion.

Family began searching for him

Curtis had gone missing from his home on the afternoon of March 20. The family began looking for him, put up fliers, and contacted the media and city officials to try to find him.

This week, a woman brought the dog to the Shelton pound. She had found him walking on the streets.

Curtis has an identifying microchip in him so animal control officers were able to quickly get in touch with his owners. They also were aware that Curtis was missing.

Wondering what happened

The family still thinks someone might have taken Curtis on purpose because he had never left home before. They question whether he would have been able to survive outside in cold weather.

But no matter what happened, the happy ending is bringing smiles to everyone in the family.

“When he was missing we all felt like our family member was gone,” said a sibling of the Shelton family who owns the dog. “We are just so thankful he is home. He is a little frightened, but is adjusting.”

Curtis, who is tan and brown, had last been seen on Murray Avenue in the Sunnyside area of Shelton on Wednesday, March 20 at 4 p.m. His age originally was given as 7 years old.