Height of Shelter Ridge building cut

The height of a proposed nine-story apartment building would be cut in half under a revised proposal presented to the Shelton Planning & Zoning Commission Wednesday, July 27.

The height of the proposed residential apartment building on Bridgeport Avenue near Mill Street and Buddington Road would be reduced to four or five stories maximum, under the revised plan. That would reduce the number of apartments from 450 to 411 in a plan that eliminates all 3-bedroom units.

"With this we now like to get to addressing the issue of what we did to reduce the size of the residential building, to incorporate the structured parking, to change the look [and] reduce the density,” Dominick Thomas, representing Shelter Ridge Associates LLC, told the commission. “And I will emphasize again and I'm going to keep saying it that what we chose to do creates a substantial cost to the developer, but again goes towards moving this project forward."

In addition to a parking garage being added, the new proposal moves parking from open space, and eliminates the assisted living facility from the building plans.

"We are doing this at your request and essentially at the request of the public as we know we've run into some opposition,” Erik Zambell of Granoff Architects told the commission.

Few Shelton residents got the chance to speak during the last half hour of the hearing. Several held bright red signs that read, “Vote NO PDD Your kids will thank you.”

“I'm not opposed to development; it's a way of life. However, the opposition is to this type of development,” said Shelton resident Lourdes Delgado. “I request that the commission be judicious in its development and be intentional in preserving the scenic Mill Street and Buddington Street areas and our quality of life."

The next meeting will be on Thursday, Aug. 24, at city hall. Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman Ruth Parkins said that the peer review of the traffic study will be presented then.