Here for Shelton campaign signs have been stolen throughout the city, according to group members.

Jim Capra, a present Board of Aldermen in the fourth ward and a Here for Shelton member, said that several signs promoting himself and his seven fellow members were stolen on Sunday, Aug. 25 - after the group held a Facebook Live event - and Monday, Aug. 26.

“We are not filing a police report at this time,” said Capra. “We have been receiving calls from people claiming that they observed a white SUV in the areas at the times that the signs were taken. We just ask anyone with any information to call the police department or Here for Shelton [at 203-516-7147].”

“We do not play that game,” said Anne Gaydos, a group member and Board of Education candidate about taking opponent’s campaign signs. “We respect other people’s property, and we would like to see the same respect.”

If someone is arrested for stealing a sign it would be a larceny. Larceny in the sixth degree is a Class C misdemeanor — a person is guilty of larceny in the sixth degree when he commits larceny and the value of the property or service is $500 or less.

If someone is arrested for vandalizing a sign, it would be criminal mischief in the third degree. Criminal mischief in the third degree is a Class B misdemeanor — a person is guilty of criminal mischief in the third degree when, having no reasonable ground to believe that such person has a right to do so, such person: (1) Intentionally or recklessly (A) damages tangible property of another, or (B) tampers with tangible property of another and thereby causes such property to be placed in danger of damage.

Here for Shelton is a group of Republicans, with all but Capra forcing a primary for spots on the November ballot. Anne Gaydos, Mark Holden and Tom Minotti (all for Board of Education), Mike Gaydos (Board of Aldermen, second ward), Peter Squitieri and Greg Tetro (Board of Aldermen, third ward) and Chris Jones (Planning & Zoning) were passed over by the Republican Town Committee at its caucus.

Capra was endorsed by the RTC to run for re-election in the fourth ward, but many RTC members quickly turned the tables, choosing to aid Bernie Simons in forcing a primary in the fourth ward, where incumbent Noreen McGorty also earned the RTC’s nod.

Capra said he is disappointed that this has happened, adding that members of the Here for Shelton group just want a fair playing field as they attempt to secure spots on the November ballot at the Tuesday, Sept. 10, primaries.

“We just want everyone to act like adults here,” said Capra.

In the case of the signs stolen on Aug. 25, Capra said he received a photo — from a Shelton police officer — of those snatched signs damaged and dumped at the Nike site, some two and a half miles from where the signs were originally placed. Capra also stated that the group received permission before placing any signs. The other stolen signs have not been found, Capra said.

“It is so hard in a local election to raise money,” said Capra, adding that signs run about $10 a piece. “When you have 10 stolen, it’s a $100. Every dollar matters, and now we have to double the amount of money to get signs out.”

Anne Gaydos said that between 15 and 20 signs have been taken.

“At the end of the day, this is being done by people who don’t believe in our message, which is we are here for you, to help your neighbors,” added Capra.