Himes pleased Obama to seek vote by Congress on Syria

Congressman Jim Himes, whose district includes most of Shelton, said he is “pleased that the president will seek Congressional approval for any United States military action in Syria, as I believe is required by law. I urge the speaker to call Congress into session immediately to consider the president's request.”

President Barack Obama announced on Saturday that he will seek the authorization of Congress for any military force in Syria in response to the Assad regime’s suspected use of chemical weapons in the civil war in that Middle East country.

The votes by the U.S. House and U.S. Senate are not expected to take place until Congress returns from its extended Labor Day break.

“We must be very clear on the specific objectives and possible consequences of any military action we may pursue,” Himes said. “ The Syrian civil war is complex and unpredictable, with meaningful risk of regional expansion.”

Himes, a third-term Democrat, said he expects to attend a classified briefing for members of Congress on the Syrian situation and also will gather input from my constituents in the days that follow.

“I will closely consider that input as well as evidence and proposed actions with great care before casting my vote,” he said.

Shelton is in two congressional districts

The city of Shelton is divided between two congressional districts.

Congressman Jim Himes lives in Greenwich and was first elected to Congress in 2008. He represents the Fourth District, which includes most of Fairfield County.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro lives in New Haven and was first elected to Congress in 1990. She represents the Third District, which is centered in New Haven County.