Holden shares 'contingency plan' for Sunnyside school

Dear Francis,

I expect if parents came to the PIBC to complain about an issue with bullying in the classroom or a homework assignment you'd refer them the the Board of Education.

I haven't thrown PIBC under the bus.  I've pointed out your committee is the one that oversees construction projects, and the PIBC isn't a BoE committee.  I've also mentioned the architect for the Sunnyside Roof project is well known and highly regarded.

I don't routinely attend your meetings because I'm not on your committee.  We have staff who attend and they keep us informed. I do attend virtually all BOE sub committee meetings.  Like you, I'm a volunteer.

As for a contingency plan for an unexpected school closure - in the case of an elementary school I think we'd rent additional space. Chalk Hill in Monroe has just been mothballed after hosting the Sandy Hook school, so it seems like a likely option.

I don't know if renting replacement space for PHS, SIS or SHS is an option.  My expectation is we'd look at holding double sessions in available space.  But what we'd do would depend on actual circumstances at the time a decision had to be made.