House GOP targets state benefit abuse

State Rep. Jason Perillo (R-113) testified on behalf of the House Republican Caucus on Tuesday in support of a caucus proposal to reduce the abuse of state benefits.
The bill, House Bill 7335, would end the out-of-state use of an electronic benefit transfer card for more than 30 days until the individual can prove that they still live in the state of Connecticut.
Perillo expressed to the Human Services Committee that a similar concept has been implemented in Massachusetts with bipartisan support.
“Eliminating the abuse of state benefits should be something all lawmakers support,” said Perillo. “Every dollar that is misused is a dollar that could be going to help Connecticut residents who need our support. If you are no longer a Connecticut resident than you should no longer receive taxpayer's money. I think this is a common-sense bill.”
Perillo emphasized that the bill does not eliminate benefits for those who may be legitimately out of state for longer than 30 days and still reside in Connecticut.
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