How dependent is CT on the federal government? Not very, study says

Connecticut is much less dependent on the federal government than most states, and has the fewest percentage of federal workers of any state in the United States.

Those are a few of the conclusions from a study on how dependent U.S. states are on the federal government completed by, a personal finance social network.

WalletHub compared the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) in terms of three primary metrics:

— return on taxes paid to the federal government

— federal funding as a percentage of state revenue

— number of federal employees per capita

Taxes, funding and workers

Overall, Connecticut was judged to be the fifth least federally dependent state.

Return on taxes:  The study said Connecticut receives $1.28 from the federal government for every $1 paid in federal taxes. The state that receives the most is South Carolina at $7.87, and the state that receives the least is Delaware at 50 cents.

Funding percentage:  Connecticut gets 23.7% of its state budget from federal sources, with only three other states receiving a lower percentage, according to the study. Mississippi is the most dependent at 45.8%, and Alaska the least at 20%.

Federal employees:  The study said Connecticut has 4.9 federal employees per capita, which is the lowest of any state in the country. That compares to 336.6 federal workers per capita for Washington, D.C. which not surprisingly was the highest.

Least dependent states

The study found the 10 states least dependent on the federal government are (No. 1 is the least dependent):

1. Delaware

2. Illinois

3. Minnesota

4. New Jersey

5. Connecticut

6. Kansas

7. California

8. Nevada

9. Massachusetts

10. Colorado

Most dependent states

The study found the 10 states most dependent on the federal government are (No. 1 is the most dependent):

1. Mississippi (tie)

1. New Mexico (tie)

2. Alabama

3. Louisiana

4. Maine

4. Montana

5. Tennessee

6. South Dakota (tie)

6. West Virginia (tie)

7. Arizona