Hundreds attend Shelton senior health fair

Senior citizens got schooled this past week in areas ranging from finances to health care to housing options at the Shelton Senior Fair.

State Sen. Kevin Kelly (R-21) and state Reps. Jason Perillo (R-113) and Ben McGorty (R-122) hosted the health and wellness fair for seniors in partnership with the Shelton Senior Center on Oct. 28. The event featured 63 state and local organizations providing health screenings and information about programs and services available to seniors.

“This fair is so important as we try to raise awareness for our seniors about what is available for them,” said senior center Director Doreen Laucella. “Seniors can be short sighted … only focusing on what they need right now. This fair allows for greater outreach to the services our seniors may not know exist.”

Laucella said another problem for senior citizens is that information about necessary services is not always readily available. This fair is a major step in bringing seniors together with those providing essential services.

“Our annual Shelton Senior Fair is a great opportunity for seniors to access information, health screenings and resources and to hear directly from the service providers in our community,” said Kelly. “The fair strives to make it easier for seniors and their family members to access the care and information they need to make informed decisions and to better use community and state resources.”

Kelly said that the fair was first held in 2013 and every year since, it has grown and become an even more effective and helpful community resource.

“It was another successful Health and Wellness Fair that we couldn’t do without the help of all the local and state organizations that participate yearly,” said McGorty. “It’s important that seniors know about the many services and help that can get if they need it. As always please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns.”

Perillo said as Baby Boomers are growing older, the need for services has also increased, and many seniors do not know where to turn for information.

“We try to bring as much information to them as possible here at the senior center so they have options and know what those options are,” said Perillo, adding that last year’s fair featured 50 vendors, and that number has grown to more than 60.

In all, some 500 seniors attended the fair, which ran for three hours on Oct. 28. The senior center has a membership of some 2,500 people, with between 300 and 400 seniors using the facility on a daily basis.

“Our community does a great job every year to help us put together a health and wellness fair for our seniors,” said Perillo. “The local and state organizations that attended offer tons of resources that can help seniors. I encourage those that couldn’t attend to keep a lookout for our event next year.”