It's going to be a humid, rainy day today

It's a hairspray and ponytail kind of day, as humidity is going to hit 83% today in Shelton and be just as high in the area.

According to the National Weather Service (NWC), it will be overcast today. Showers are likely this morning, and possibly a thunderstorm after noon.

The high today will be near 68 degrees. Chance of rain is 90%. Rainfall will be about a tenth to a quarter of an inch.

Tonight, there will be more rain. About one to two inches of rain possible this evening, so flooding is possible. Low temperatures around 56.

Saturday is still going to be rainy. But Sunday we can probably break out the lawn mowers again and get more yard work done.

Due to the rain, NWS says flooding along the Stevenson Dam is possible on Sunday. It will be in the action stage, reaching about nine feet.