State Sen. Kevin Kelly (R-21) joined his Republican colleagues on Thursday, Sept. 5, in calling on lawmakers to override a portion of the Democratic-approved state budget that cut Medicaid funding for Connecticut nursing homes.

In a letter to Democratic legislative leaders, Republican state senators asked those leaders to support a special legislative session to eliminate the cuts that they say have put nine nursing homes at risk of closing, including Apple Rehab Hewitt Health & Rehab in Shelton and the Carolton in Fairfield.

“We need more than words. We can and we must restore this funding. We would like to work together to do so. People need to come before partisanship and politics,” the Connecticut Senate Republicans wrote.

The Republican senators said they want to work with Democrats to identify cuts and savings elsewhere in the budget to restore the $5.3 million in Medicaid funds, should Democratic legislative leaders commit to fixing this issue in a special session.

“This policy disregards the serious and traumatic consequences closures would have on vulnerable nursing home residents including persons with dementia,” stated the Republican senators. “Such closures could potentially push people into acommunity that does not have the proper supports.

“To make matters worse, the state budget passed by Democrats also reduces funding for the Connecticut Home Care Program by $7 million annually, making it that much harder for seniors to access the entry pointto successful aging in place,” stated the senators. “Therefore, the overall impact of your budget both hurts those receiving care in nursing homes, and makes it harder for people displaced by potential nursing home closures to successfully age in place.”