State Sen. Kevin Kelly (R-21), ranking member of the state’s Insurance Committee, is hosting an informational forum in October to further explore three proposals to lower the costs of health care in Connecticut.

The forum — was to be held Thursday, Sept. 19, but has been postponed to late October — will include panel discussions with Insurance Committee members, health care advocates, state officials, health insurers and the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission.

“To allow for further bipartisan conversations with all four caucuses and the governor’s administration, this forum is postponed until the end of October,” said Kelly, state Rep. Sean Scanlon, co-chair; state Sen. Matt Lesser, co-chair; and state Rep. Cara Pavalock-D’Amato, ranking member, in a joint statement Wednesday, Sept. 18.

“There is a bipartisan commitment to work together to reduce the costs of health care through a state-funded reinsurance program, health care cost growth benchmarking and transparency, and prescription drug importation,” the statement contined. “We all look forward to continuing our conversations and hearing more from stakeholders next month to help us develop legislation to reduce health care costs and increase access to care.”

Kelly said the forum and panel discussion will focus on a state-funded reinsurance program; health care cost growth bench marking, similar to what has been implemented in Massachusetts; and prescription drug importation.

“The high cost of health care is one of the most significant issues impacting daily life for Connecticut residents,” said Kelly. “This forum seeks to advance the dialogue with health care stakeholders before the next legislative session begins to ensure the legislature remains focused on reducing the costs of health care.”