Kelly’s offers plans focused on fiscal stability, economic growth

State Sen. Kevin Kelly (R-21) today joined members of the Senate Republican caucus at a press conference at the Legislative Office Building detailing a series of legislative proposals aimed at creating opportunities for Connecticut to grow and thrive.

The proposals seek to encourage economic growth and lower the costs of government to foster confidence and investment in Connecticut, according to Kelly.

Two of the bills highlighted, proposed by Kelly, were “An Act Concerning a Public-Private Human Services Partnership” (SB 288) and “An Act Establishing a Buy Conecticut Program for Defense Contractors” (SB 108).

“An Act Concerning a Public-Private Human Services Partnership” seeks to improve the cost-effective delivery of human services and make sure such services are given to those in need.

Kelly said the bill would establish a partnership between state human service agencies and private providers to improve delivery of human services to low-income persons, elderly persons and persons with disabilities. It would also reduce the cost of such services and foster fraud investigations to uncover ineligible persons wrongfully receiving public assistance.

“An Act Establishing a Buy Conecticut Program for Defense Contractors” would create incentives for defense contractors to utilize the services of in-state subcontractors and businesses.

The bill would establish a “Buy Connecticut” program, according to Kelly, that provides sales tax exemptions and research and development tax credits to encourage defense contractors to utilize the services of Connecticut job creators.

“In recent years Connecticut has struggled to uphold its promises and has found itself cutting funding for core social services, leaving major gaps in the system,” said Kelly. “Clearly, we need to rethink how our state provides care so that we can meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents in a sustainable, affordable way.”

Kelly added that evidence shows that private providers can often provide better quality services at a lower cost than the state.

“Connecticut needs to look toward the successes of our private sector nonprofits to improve care and reduce costs so that the most vulnerable can live in a state where they can count on care when they need it most,” said Kelly

Kelly also detailed the proposed “Buy Connecticut” program.

“Connecticut’s defense industry leads our nation in cutting edge innovation,” said Kelly. “It is an industry that has not only been successful itself in our state, but by doing business with other job creators big and small it has had a profound impact on our economy.”

Kelly said Connecticut “can and should” do more to encourage those relationships.

“Establishing a Buy Connecticut program will incentivize defense contractors to work with the incredible talent here in our state,” said Kelly. “We have the best workforce, education and skills right here in Connecticut. Let’s help create relationships that benefit our state as a whole.”

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