LETTER: Home based gun store not a local is a national issue

It is a misnomer that the federal officials are more defensive of the second amendment than local police officials.   The feds are as disinterested in this right as the local men and women who must patrol and protect our citizens.  It is natural that they would be against the second, but we must understand that the government must accept as equal all of the bill of rights and it is up to the people to protect their own liberty.  It was after all the price the elite politicians had to pay so that they could construct our government.  The Planning and zoning board should stay out of the Delucas decision to own and operate a home based business.  It is not a local but a national issue.  If they research the case law with perhaps a country lawyer down south, they would understand they have potential litigation opportunities, although I am not an attorney.  Besides being potentially illegal in regards to the US Constitution, it is impractical to leave the decision to neighbors, making the matter injurious to the free economy.

A local P & Z Board would have to require home scarf knitters and others whose business in none of the government’s business, before being productive members of society.

This letter is a response to two locals who recently proposed the opening of a home based gun store.