LETTER: 'Thank you Mayor'

I just attended the Iwo Jima memorial service Feb. 23, 2016 and brought my Uncle who was a survivor of Iwo Jima. Mayor Lauretti was in attendance because of his support of Iwo Jima Mermorial , all it stands for and the respect and admiration of who served.

He gave a very nice speech.

What impressed me the most was after his speech, he came up to my uncle and thanked him for his service. They chatted and my uncle noticed the Iwo Jima pin that the Mayor wears on his jacket lapel. My Uncle noticed the Pin and asked where he got it because my uncle wanted to purchase one. The Mayor started to take off his pin from his lapel and my Uncle said no.

The Mayor Insisted and said it was his honor to give it to him. He handed my Uncle his personal Pin of Iwo Jima.

I have never seen such a compassionate Jesture. What a great man to take something dear to his heart and give it to a perfect stranger to thank him for his service in Iwo Jima.

My Uncle was deeply touch.

Thank you Mayor