Later afternoon snow leads to long evening commute

UPDATE 7:15 P.M.:  Freezing rain is starting to mix in with the snow in Shelton, which could hold down nighttime snow accumulations. So far, from 1 inch to 1-and-a-quarter inches of snow has fallen here. The temperature is 25 degrees.

Route 8 northbound is still very congested coming into Shelton from Trumbull, but traffic on Bridgeport Avenue has lightened up considerably from an hour ago.

Slippery snow, backups, long commute

EARLIER REPORT:   The commute home tonight will be a long one, with backed up traffic on main roads in Shelton, Route 8 and other nearby highways.

It’s a combination of the falling snow and everyone trying to get home around the same time. Congestion is particularly bad heading north on Bridgeport Avenue and Route 8, as might be expected at this time of a workday.

At about 6:15 p.m., from a half inch to one inch of snow had fallen in Shelton. The local temperature is 25 degrees.

The snow is coming down at a consistent pace, and should continue for the next few hours before turning into a wintry mix. This should include a period of freezing rain, leading to icy roads leading to icy roads in the overnight hours, according to the National Weather Service.

Shelton residents may wake up  to rain on Wednesday, with temperatures reaching into the low 40s tomorrow.