Laurel Glen Farm will soon bring vegetables to you

SHELTON - Laurel Glen Farm is expanding its service this summer, offering vegetable subscription deliveries throughout southwestern Connecticut.

Though Laurel Glen Farm owners Randy and Victoria Rogowski have been farming for eight years, this is the first year they have expanded their offerings to include delivery.

“We talked about helping people have convenient access to fresh vegetables. It seemed like the time was right to finally offer this service,” said Randy. “Now, it seems even more necessary.”

The Rogowskis, both 29, started selling vegetable subscriptions in 2013 when Randy took over his 100-year-old family farm. The farm now sells subscriptions throughout the spring, summer and fall. Their main season, the summer program, spans 20-weeks from June to October. Customers can expect to receive an offering of vegetables that the farmers are harvesting, rotated out on a frequent basis. Subscriptions can be customized with a variety of options: weekly or biweekly; small or large boxes; farm pickup or delivery.

One of the reasons that the vegetable subscription attracts customers is that it provides more than just the opportunity to eat healthy and try new vegetables; it’s a community-building experience.

“This year, things might be a little different,” said Victoria. “We had planned to host events for our members to come hang out. But we’ll still have a private Facebook group where members can connect, share stories, ideas, recipes, meal plans and tips.

“We want people to come together and have something to look forward to sharing every week,” added Victoria.

Members can also expect to receive a newsletter from the farmers with updates and suggestions for getting the most out of their subscriptions. If shares contain items like kohlrabi, ground cherries, or mustard greens, the farmers make sure members learn all about them and feel comfortable cooking them alongside classics like tomatoes and cucumbers.

The new delivery service feels like an homage to Randy’s great-grandfather, John, who started Laurel Glen Farm as a dairy in the early 1900s.

Members of the community who are interested in subscribing can enroll at The Rogowskis also operate a farm store located at 247 Waverly Road in Shelton and participate in farmers’ markets throughout Fairfield County.

“When we first floated the idea to our family and friends, they questioned why we would want to spend so much time driving around making deliveries,” said Randy. “But there’s something so nostalgic about the farmer-customer relationship. And this year, even if we can’t shake your hand, we’ll give your family a little pick-me-up every week.”