Lauretti: City is ready for this snowfall

Mayor Mark Lauretti said the city was ready for the snow that is falling in Shelton on Friday morning.

“It’s wet and it’s a little sloppy,” he said of the snow. “The good news is tomorrow will be 50 and sunny.”

Lauretti said no matter how good of a job that city public works crews do removing snow, it won’t be quick or thorough enough for some residents. “There always will be people who complain,” he said.

He said while 3 to 4 inches had accumulated as of about 9 a.m., “this one is a walk in the park” compared to the blizzard of Feb. 8 and 9.

That’s when Shelton got about 3 feet of snow — with some people saying 40 inches came down in certain neighborhoods.

Snow removal, Lauretti said, can be an emotional issue for people. “It’s probably the single biggest issue that drives people over the edge,” he said.