Lauretti considers bid for governor in 2014

Mayor Mark Lauretti
Mayor Mark Lauretti

Republican Mayor Mark Lauretti may be turning an eye to Hartford, as he considers a run for the state’s top office in the 2014 election.

“It’s been in the back of my mind for a number of years,” Lauretti said Thursday of considering a bid for governor. “After the November election I will probably get some people together to weigh the possibility and probability.”

Lauretti threw his hat in the ring of the gubernatorial race in the last election cycle. He ended his bid to get on the ballot for the 2010 Republican primary, amid a Shelton corruption probe.

“It was after the Botti trial,” he said.

Lauretti denied any wrongdoing during the probe and was never charged. He admitted the corruption probe would likely come up again if he were to run for higher officer.

“People close to it, around here finally figured it out,” he said of the investigation. “ I’m sure political people would try to use it against me but it’s important to remember Dan Malloy had a similar situation in Stamford.”

While serving as mayor in Stamford, Gov. Malloy had been accused of fostering a climate of corruption but was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Asked what he could bring to Hartford to help the state, the mayor said, “The economies of scale I brought to Shelton.”

The mayor said he has experience on the “ground floor.”

“I work with the legislation that comes out of Hartford,” Lauretti said. “A lot of which is costly and unproductive. Sometimes what sounds good on paper, a lot of times, doesn’t work.”

Lauretti is serving his 11th two-year term as mayor.