Lauretti earns 15th term as Shelton mayor

Mayor Mark Lauretti rolled to his 15th consecutive term as Republicans held control of the top boards and commissions in Shelton, according to unofficial totals Tuesday.

Lauretti easily outdistanced Harmon by a wide margin, nearly 70 percent to 30 percent. Lauretti finished with 7,225 votes, compared to Harmon’s 3,493. Minor machine issues in wards 2 and 3 delayed final numbers coming in to the Republican and Democrat headquarters.

“Record speaks for itself, and this record is incredible,” said Lauretti before a packed house in the GOP headquarters at the now-vacant Walgreens location. “We’re on a high roll, and we will continue on that roll because of people like you who come forward, despite all the critics. We are the envy of Connecticut in many, many categories. Thank you to the voters that recognized the importance of stability.”

Republicans also held control of the Board of Aldermen. In Ward 1, incumbents David Gidwani and Anthony Simonetti

had 2,068 and 2,058,

respectively, with Democrat newcomer Paul Littlefield at 1,103. In Ward 2, incumbents Eric McPhearson and Stanley Kudej earned 1,479 votes and 1.262 votes, respectively, with Democrat Kevin Kosty at 1,055 votes.

In Ward 3, incumbent Aldermen President John Anglace, Jr., topped the field with 1,602 votes. Fellow incumbent Cris Balamaci won the second seat with 1,547 votes. Democrats Matt McGee, the 18-year-old Shelton High senior, and former Board of Education member Jose Goncalves finished well behind with 1,179 and 1,004, respectively.

In the Ward 4, incumbent Noreen McGorty had 2,095 votes, and newcomer Bernie Simons earned 2,003 votes. There was no challengers in this ward.

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Mark A. Lauretti (R)


John C. Harmon (D)


The biggest change comes on the Board of Education, which now has six new members. Republicans held control with incumbent Kathy Yolish (6,752) joined by Carl Rizzo (5,625), John Fitzgerald (5,745), Amy Romano (6,188) and Jim Orazietti (6,195). On the Democrat side, incumbents Kate Kutash (5,023) and Amanda Kilmartin (4,478) won re-election, with Diana Meyer (4,509) and Patti Moonan (4,144) filling out the board. Two incumbents, Republican Darlisa Ritter (5,277) and Democrat David Gioiello (3,964), failed in re-election bids.

On Planning & Zoning, Republicans maintained control, with incumbents Charles Kelly (5,668) and Ginny Harger (5,534) winning re-election. Democrat Elaine Matto also won re-election with 3,715 votes.

Republican Ray O’Leary won re-election as treasurer, easily outpacing Democrat Robert Lally, 6,128 to 4,200.