Lauretti says Rep. Larry Miller ‘wasn’t afraid to stand up for things’

State Rep. Larry Miller
State Rep. Larry Miller

Mayor Mark Lauretti is praising the character and service of state Rep. Larry Miller, who died at age 78 of cancer on May 31.

“He’s as fine a person as you could ask to be your representative,” Lauretti said of Miller, whose district included a part of Shelton.

Lauretti began serving as mayor in the same year that Miller started his service in the legislature — in 1991.

Miller had been elected a state representative in the previous fall’s election, but his initial term began in 1991. Lauretti was first elected in November 1991. Both are Republicans.

Lauretti said Miller was willing to pursue the unconventional and take on difficult issues during his 12-term career in Hartford.

“He wasn’t afraid to stand up for things, and that’s just what he did,” Lauretti said.