Lauretti will meet with full-day kindergarten proponents

Mayor Mark Lauretti
Mayor Mark Lauretti

Mayor Mark Lauretti said he hopes to meet with those behind a petition urging the implementation of full-day kindergarten in Shelton. “I want to have a discussion with them,” he said.

Lauretti said he has not been a proponent of full-day kindergarten due to the expense, pointing to all the mandates and restrictions involved in such programs. “It costs far more than it needs to,” he said.

Lauretti said he isn’t particularly concerned that other cities and towns might be starting full-day K programs, with many officials pointing to the enactment of the state’s new common core curriculum as a motivating factor.

“I’ve never based my decisions on what other municipalities are doing,” he said. “We do many things differently than other municipalities, so I’m not moved by that.”